CF S.A. is an Argentine company, with 20 years of presence in the market, developing means of payment, aimed at companies, private and public institutions, financial institutions, cooperatives, mutual, among others.
We have state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, put at the service of our Clients.
Our Team of Collaborators, is highly trained to respond professionally, to the requirements of the market.
The Software developed and administered by CF s.a. strictly complies with the current provisions:

BCRA Communications // Minimum requirements for management, implementation and control of risks related to technology, information systems and IT.

Law 25065 // Rules that regulate the various aspects related to the Credit, Purchase and Debit Card system.



The software, on which our system is based, is self-developed, complying with the BCRA's communication.
The adaptations, modifications and updates of it, are made by a team of highly specialized professionals.
All the development needs are covered, ABM of Users and Commercials, statistics of users and businesses, liquidations of users and businesses, control of operations, through reports, IVR, applications to comply with the regulatory requirements in force.

We have our own card engraving service, access to the Payments Link platform, through which the clients to whom the payment of their monthly summaries is applied are located.

It allows you to develop a product with differential benefits and characteristics, according to each one of your needs: - Purchase Cards - Credit Cards - Prepaid Cards - Social Cards - Development of Loyalty Programs


System of information, management and consultation, aimed at entities and their customers and businesses.


Application for the information load of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic.

Provide the necessary information to elaborate the requirements of B.C.R.A.

Instructional and Executable for Clothing Concerning BCRA, Transparency Regime.


Generation of market research and surveys through e mail.


Sending account summaries through e mail


Applied Technology. Commercialization. Accounting, Operational, Legal and Taxation Standards Rules. Internal procedures. Contracts Users / Shops. Commercial profitability. Budgets. Cash Flow.

QUE COMPRO presents you the possibility of having your own e-Market Place, opening to the market a portal of "ELECTRONIC COMMERCE" in which all the businesses that belong to your Entity and to which all the inhabitants of the region have access, participate.




Entities have trusted CF S.A. covering from Banks, Financiers, Cooperatives and Mutuals, Municipalities, Official Organizations, Non-Banking Issuers.


Once your project has been defined, we provide you with our Know How, to provide you with the Integral Advice that allows the correct implementation and development of the same, covering the aspects, Commercial, Computer, Applied, Operational, Accounting, Legal and Taxing MORE services that we detail next:


Start-up guide, GIO "OPERATIONS INITIATION GUIDE" which contains:

Credit Card Law 25,065
Regulations to be considered.
Implementation Schedule.
Technical requirements.
Definition of Parameters.
Registry Designs for the Mass Load of Users and Shops.
Transactional Diagram
Requirements of Technicians and Design of cards, for its Homologation.
Introduction to Marketing and Sales Techniques.

Design and Clauses of Forms for the operation of Users and Businesses.
Design of Liquidations to Shops.
Monthly News.
Training on the use of THE SYSTEM to the people that THE USER indicates

Advice and / or development of:

Image of Cards, POP Material. Card Carriers. Product image.




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